Welcome to the New Normal

The I-VACX Experience

We are creating an automated injection machine to administer vaccines efficiently and safely, offering users a pleasant immunization experience that makes inoculations easy and accessible, and helps communities achieve herd immunity for known preventable illness faster.

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Changing The Way We look at Vaccinations

An Elegant Solution to an Escalating Problem

This safe and innovative apparatus will enable national and global public access to available vaccines and injections.

In order to ensure proper records, the machine will require users to input (swipe) their personal medical card prior to use. Following prompts, the device will act in much the same way as blood pressure machines to ensure the proper position and pressure for inoculation.

After tightening and securing the patient’s arm, laser technology the machine will identify, pinpoint, and sterilize the point of entry.

At this point, the needle will be administered. After the injection, the machine will release pressure and instruct the user to take a seat in the rest area. The whole process can be video recorded for added liability assurances. 

During the interim the machine is inaccessible; during which time it uploads the successful user information to available health databases, and sanitizes, readying itself for the next participant.

Within the refrigerated holding compartment, hundreds of dosages of vaccines could be held and ready for inoculation. The equipment could be easily replenished by a qualified pharmacist or attending nurse.

With a target of one minute per inoculation, the device would be self-contained, designed to dispose of needles internally in a safe manner, inaccessible by general users. The machine would be programmed to sanitize and properly prep between users to ensure safety.

Although a nurse or qualified attendant would be present during use, an onboard counter and control system would alert of potential issues, and auto shut down accordingly.

Vaccine Acceptance

Most Canadian and global citizens agree that Vaccines play an important part in public safety. 

Herd Immunity

Offering quick and convenient access to vaccines can facilitate achieving this faster.

Vaccine Accessibility

Can increase patient throughput and improve accessibility in remote communities.

Growing Demand

COVID-19 vaccination boosters will significantly increase the yearly inoculation rate. 

Time and Resources

Providing a safe and efficient automated process will allow professionals to focus on other duties. 

Future Planning

Annual vaccination goals will be increasingly difficult to meet without reliable and innovative solutions. 

The Situation – The Need for Vaccines

Vaccines and immunization are some of the world’s best tools to combat diseases that save millions of lives every year.

  • They prevent more than 20 life-threatening diseases and can also be used in instances of infectious disease outbreaks like the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • COVID-19 has brought vaccines to the forefront and continues to be the #1 priority for most governments.
  • With the likelihood of pandemics increasing in the future, society will continue to grapple with pandemics and the importance of vaccines and vaccine administration will continue to increase.


Moving toward vaccine preparedness, society must look to solve the three biggest challenges of vaccination campaigns:

  • Vaccine Production (Sourcing and Manufacturing)
  • Vaccine Delivery (Logistics and Shipping)
  • Vaccine Administration (Inoculation – the focus of I-VACX)

I-VACX is committed to providing innovative solutions to the global market, while garnering support and trust from the public and regulatory entities.

We believe the I-VACX experience will change vaccination perceptions, provoking calm and excitement with its cutting edge technologies. We see I-VACX chairs at every major airport, port, in big box stores and at border crossings.

Current State


Preliminary concept has been developed and has
been submitted for provisional patenting with
the US Patent Office.


The I-VACX team is seeking potential private and corporate investors and exploring options for government funding.

Business Case

In order to progress the other initiatives a preliminary
business case was created with support from business industry leader BDO.

Regulatory Approval

We anticipate that device will be Class III under
Health Canada regulations. Technical papers are required to bring the project forward.

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RJR Group is seeking funds to further develop a innovative product that could change the way the world looks at immunization programs. 

Welcome to the New Normal

The I-VACX Experience

An automated injection machine that administers vaccines efficiently and safely, offering users a pleasant immunization experience that makes inoculations easy and accessible, helping communities achieve herd immunity for known preventable illness faster.

Vaccine Quotes

According to Unicef.org and Many others, vaccines save lives.

“We spoke with healthcare workers and experts in the field to get some answers to some of the most common questions regarding vaccines.

The decisions about our health and the health of our loved ones are one of the most important we will make in our lives. The right decisions are informed and based on facts. When it comes to vaccines, for us, there is no dilemma.”



Changing History

“Immunization has been a great public health success story

The lives of millions of children have been saved, millions have the chance of a longer healthier life, a greater chance to learn, to play, to read and write, to move around freely without suffering.”

Nelson Mandela | Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, 1993



Making an Impact

With the exception of clean, safe drinking water, no human endeavor rivals immunization in combating infectious diseases and reducing mortality rates.

WHO. Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011-2020.


Herd Immunity

With infectious disease, without vaccines, there’s no safety in numbers.

Seth Berkley


Growing Demand

“Recent scientific literature suggests an increase in the intensity and frequency of future pandemics …”

– Brookfield Institute, Yesterday’s Gone: Exploring possible futures


Staff Shortages

Staffing is the single most limiting fact, I think. I think we’ll probably get to a point where our supply will no longer be a rate limiter, and staff will be a rate limiter.”

– Dr. Wouter Rietsema, VP of Population Health and Information CVP Hospital


A Global Issue

“During this pandemic, the most vulnerable have been the hardest hit … We must increase our resilience. We must work together and take an integrated approach to health, hunger, climate, and equity crisis — no one is safe from COVID-19 until everyone is safe.”

Volkan Bozkır, President of the United Nations General Assembly

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